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Tango Shoes

"7 Characteristics of a Good Tango Shoes"

Tango has become a symbol of elegance and grace, and it can show the fire and passion between the two partners.
The good thing about dancing the tango is that it is not limited to just one dance as it has evolved into different styles from the original Argentine to Uruguayan Tango.

tango shoes

However, these slick and effortless tango dance moves will not go as planned without good tango shoes. Below are seven characteristics needed when shopping for good tango shoes.

When you buy tango dance shoes, buy one as a practice shoes and one as a regular dancing shoes.

  • When you buy tango dance shoe, buy one as a practice shoes and one as a regular dancing shoes. 
  • Choose argentine tango shoe, just like when you choose your dance sneakers. that fits comfortably in your feet. Whether you are the leader or the follower in the tango, your tango shoes will need to act like an extension of your feet.  
  • Balance is of the essence. This is especially true for tango shoes such as men's shoes, be it for the leader or the follower. Try to walk while wearing your shoes and standing on one foot. Make sure that the heel size will allow you to maintain your balance while dancing. 
  • Pivoting in tango is crucial, so you need to make sure that you will be able to pivot easily. This means that the tango shoes will allow easy pivoting without exerting a lot of strain on your body. Smooth-soled tango shoes are your best bet. 
  • Make sure that the tango shoes you select will be securely fastened to your feet. Leaders, which are mostly guys, will have no problem with having closed shoes, but the ladies should secure the straps on their shoes so that they will not fly off. 
  • Remember to practice with your tango shoes so that your feet will be comfortable in the shoe despite the rapid and constant shuffling.  
  • Buy high quality tango shoes. Cheap ones will have a longer break-in time. You also need to replace low quality shoes more often. 

In the end, the tango shoes that you will get can help make or break your dancing, so choose wisely.

You can buy one online which means you don't need to leave your home or in stores. Search by brands, if you like, or by price. Free shipping are offered by some online stores and easy return or exchanges. So buy now for a women's or men's tango shoes and start dancing.